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Dr Neubauer Viper Soft Dr Neubauer Viper Soft
Our VIPER has quickly become one of the most versatile and effective long pimple rubbers on the market. VIPER SOFT is a new development with even softer pimples. The rubber produces a low bouncing,... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Viper Dr Neubauer Viper
VIPER The new long pimple development Our new rubber VIPER is a major step forward for all long pimple players blocking close to the table. Its completely new rubber formula provides very goo... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Terminator Dr Neubauer Terminator
TERMINATOR The other kind of pimple-out rubber TERMINATOR is different than all other rubbers on the market. TERMINATOR comes with short pimples and is available exclusively with textile rein... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Tarantula,  Anti Dr Neubauer Tarantula, Anti
TARANTULA The latest generation of Anti-Spin rubbers sets a new benchmark We have managed to further enhance the effectiveness of Anti-Spin rubbers while blocking close to the table with plastic... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Special Defence Dr Neubauer Special Defence
SPECIAL DEFENCE is our new reversed rubber development for the defensive game. SPECIAL DEFENCE has a high friction surface without being sticky. Its innovative top sheet allows chop shots to be pl... more >>>
Dr Neubauer RHINO - frictionless Anti-Spin Dr Neubauer RHINO - frictionless Anti-Spin
The new benchmark with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers It is commonly acknowledged that our Anti-Spin rubbers BISON and BUFFALO produce the best spin reversal on the market. Our latest development ... more >>>
Dr Neubauer RHINO +, frictionless Anti-Spin Dr Neubauer RHINO +, frictionless Anti-Spin
The new Anti-Spin reference for control and effectiveness with plastic balls Our Anti-Spin rubbers BISON+ and BUFFALO+ are among the very best rubbers on the market when it comes to the spin revers... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Power Attack - Anti Dr Neubauer Power Attack - Anti
POWER ATTACK is a new type of Anti-Spin rubber that not only provides the effectiveness of a completely frictionless surface but also allows for highly interesting attacking possibilities. The rubber ... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Pistol 2 Dr Neubauer Pistol 2
Dr.Neubauer PISTOL 2 – Great control, high dynamics, more disruptive effect Our short pimple rubber PISTOL has been a best-seller since its launch in 2006 on account of its unique playing charact... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Pistol Dr Neubauer Pistol
PISTOL: The ultra dynamic offensive weapon Thanks to a new production technique, PISTOL is much faster and powerful than traditional short pimpled rubbers, even without the use of speed glue. Th... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Number 1 Dr Neubauer Number 1
Dr Neubauer Number 1 NUMBER 1 Discover new pleasures of the game! Our new long pimple rubber NUMBER 1 will enchant you in many ways. It is an innovative and distinct development that comes... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Nugget - Short Pimples Dr Neubauer Nugget - Short Pimples
NUGGET is a highly versatile short pips rubber. It is easy to use and provides excellent control at all levels, which makes it interesting for all short pimple players who need neither maximum spee... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Monster Classic Dr Neubauer Monster Classic
MONSTER CLASSIC: The new long pimpled rubber with friction for an aggressive game close to the table MONSTER CLASSIC is decisively different from any of the standard long pimpled rubbers with frict... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Leopard Dr Neubauer Leopard
Dr Neubauer Leopard Very effective blocking on topspin or smash Ability to produce deadly attacking strokes with 1.5 and 2.0mm sponge This short pimple rubber will be a real challenge... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Killer Pro Dr Neubauer Killer Pro
KILLER PRO The breakthrough for a fast, aggressive and disruptive game with short pimples Our short pimple rubber KILLER turned into a worldwide best-seller within the last 2 years. This new ve... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Killer Dr Neubauer Killer
KILLER Short pimples with astounding disruptive effect KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers. Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubb... more >>>
Dr Neubauer K.O. Pro Dr Neubauer K.O. Pro
Half-long pimples Dr.Neubauer K.O. PRO – The new disruptive weapon with half-long pimples In addition to our existing half-long pimple rubber Dr.Neubauer K.O. we have developed a faster versio... more >>>
Dr Neubauer K.O. Dr Neubauer K.O.
K.O. Disruptive effect and control with half-long pimples The new rubber K.O. comes in addition to our half-long pimple rubber AGGRESSOR which we launched 2016. While AGGRESSOR is most effect... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Inferno Classic Dr Neubauer Inferno Classic
INFERNO CLASSIC The new long pimple weapon with very good disruptive effect and suprising attacking possibilities INFERNO CLASSIC is a long pimple rubber with friction offering a very good disru... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Grizzly - Anti Topspin Dr Neubauer Grizzly - Anti Topspin
GRIZZLY: The new milestone for the all-round game Particularly recommended for counter-attacking, aggressive pushing and lifting Excellent for chopping Excellent disruptive effect... more >>>

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