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Dr Neubauer A-B-S, Anti Topspin Dr Neubauer A-B-S, Anti Topspin
A-B-S The new weapon for blocking close to the table How can I be of service to you? Well I do hold a master degree in killing any topspin by blocking, chop blocking or chopping at long range... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Aggressor, Half Long Pimples Dr Neubauer Aggressor, Half Long Pimples
The disruptive weapon with half-long pimples AGGRESSOR is a completely new pimple-out development. Its outstanding playing characteristics are predominantly based on 2 particularities: To sta... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Allround Premium Dr Neubauer Allround Premium
Dr Neubauer Allround Premium ALLROUND PREMIUM The extraordinary Allround-Weapon This rubber is even better than its name suggests. Probably the first disruptive rubber that enables aggress... more >>>
ANTI SPECIAL I have been baptised ANTI and yes I am a real "Anti" in the true sense of being against many things, but furthermore and most of all I am SPECIAL. Am I ANTI Topspin? On t... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Bison - Anti Dr Neubauer Bison - Anti
The latest generation of Anti-Spin rubbers sets a new benchmark We have managed to further enhance the effectiveness of Anti-Spin rubbers while blocking close to the table with our new Anti-Spin ru... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Boomerang Classic Dr Neubauer Boomerang Classic
BOOMERANG CLASSIC: The new defence weapon: long pimples with friction BOOMERANG CLASSIC is very effective for classical defence. It allows a lot of backspin together with precise control. Even powe... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Buffalo - Anti Dr Neubauer Buffalo - Anti
The new alternative for blocking close to the table The perfect Anti-Spin combination between spin reversal and control BUFFALO provides highly interesting playing characteristics thanks to a co... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Desperado Dr Neubauer Desperado
Dr Neubauer Desperado DESPERADO The long pimple rubber from another dimension Naturally this long pimple rubber with ITTF homologation (with friction) offers only little spin reversal. Nev... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Diamant Dr Neubauer Diamant
DIAMANT: The allround rubber with disruptive effect Dr Neubauer DIAMANT is a new half-long pimpled rubber. It offers very good control for service returning, blocking, attacking and defending, t... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Domination Dr Neubauer Domination
DOMINATION: Our weapon for great spin This reversed rubber has a very grippy surface and produces a maximum of rotation. Very good speed levels are achieved with 1.8 and 2.1mm sponge.. The ru... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Domination Speed Dr Neubauer Domination Speed
DOMINATION SPEED: New built-in speed glue technology without any need for speed gluing Our reversed rubber DOMINATION is now also available with a new type of sponge. This special version DOMINA... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Domination Speed 2 Dr Neubauer Domination Speed 2
DOMINATION SPEED 2 - High dynamics and maximum spin Our fast inverted rubber DOMINATION SPEED was enhanced to comply with new plastic ball requirements. The topsheet is unchanged and still produ... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Fighter Dr Neubauer Fighter
FIGHTER: The new formula for long pimples with friction and outstanding control and good disruptive effect FIGHTER is another technological improvement in the field of long pimple rubbers with fric... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Grizzly - Anti Topspin Dr Neubauer Grizzly - Anti Topspin
GRIZZLY: The new milestone for the all-round game Particularly recommended for counter-attacking, aggressive pushing and lifting Excellent for chopping Excellent disruptive effect... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Inferno Classic Dr Neubauer Inferno Classic
INFERNO CLASSIC The new long pimple weapon with very good disruptive effect and suprising attacking possibilities INFERNO CLASSIC is a long pimple rubber with friction offering a very good disru... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Killer Dr Neubauer Killer
KILLER Short pimples with astounding disruptive effect KILLER is an astonishing new development among offensive pimple-out rubbers. Actually it is a combination of short and medium pimpled rubb... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Killer Pro Dr Neubauer Killer Pro
KILLER PRO The breakthrough for a fast, aggressive and disruptive game with short pimples Our short pimple rubber KILLER turned into a worldwide best-seller within the last 2 years. This new ve... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Leopard Dr Neubauer Leopard
Dr Neubauer Leopard Very effective blocking on topspin or smash Ability to produce deadly attacking strokes with 1.5 and 2.0mm sponge This short pimple rubber will be a real challenge... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Monster Classic Dr Neubauer Monster Classic
MONSTER CLASSIC: The new long pimpled rubber with friction for an aggressive game close to the table MONSTER CLASSIC is decisively different from any of the standard long pimpled rubbers with frict... more >>>
Dr Neubauer Number 1 Dr Neubauer Number 1
Dr Neubauer Number 1 NUMBER 1 Discover new pleasures of the game! Our new long pimple rubber NUMBER 1 will enchant you in many ways. It is an innovative and distinct development that comes... more >>>

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