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Gewo Allround Classic Gewo Allround Classic
The proven GEWO Allround Classic now comes with a new design, improved playing features and even higher control ratings. You will have the right response to any ball. Ultimate ball control in any situ... more >>>
Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 375 Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 375
GEWO Balsa Carbon 375 is a modern premium-end ALL blade. State-of-the-art materials and the soft balsa give the blade the feel and control you will need in all passive playing situations. In addition,... more >>>
Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 575 Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 575
GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is a controlled, well-balanced OFF- blade. Ideal for spin-oriented, direct, close-to-the-table attacking. High forgiveness on "off-centre" topspin hits. GEWO Balsa Carbon 575 is ... more >>>
Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 775 Gewo Blade Balsa Carbon 775
GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is a modern OFF blade featuring the latest high-tech materials. GEWO Balsa Carbon 775 is one of the fastest blades from the GEWO blades range. The 7.75 mm thick Balsa centre ply ... more >>>
GEWO Blade Konigsklasse Karbon GEWO Blade Konigsklasse Karbon
If you are looking for a blade for modern power table tennis, the GEWO Königsklasse KARBON SIEBEN is the perfect choice. The flat trajectory which is typical to carbon materials supports aggressive p... more >>>
GEWO Blade Konigsklasse OFF GEWO Blade Konigsklasse OFF
The GEWO Königsklasse OFF FÜNF follows a traditional design principle: Five carefully selected veneers provide for excellent feel and ultimate control both for close-to-the-table attacking and for m... more >>>
Gewo Blade Super-Force CF Gewo Blade Super-Force CF
GEWO Super-Force CF is the perfect complement to the GEWO Force series. It is made of three wood plies (Kiri core and Koto and Acacia outer plies) as well as two carbon layers. The Carbon CF used in t... more >>>
Gewo Blade Velox alpha Power Control Gewo Blade Velox alpha Power Control
Anything is possible with the universal weapon, GEWO Velox alpha Power Control blade. This all-round/offensive blade offers anything demanding players need. Maximum control for unlimited flexibility i... more >>>
Gewo Blade Velox alpha Speedster Gewo Blade Velox alpha Speedster
This GEWO blade provides any attacker with everything they need to win a quick point. Thanks to the special Fineline design, the blade provides for exceptional directional stability, especially in hig... more >>>
Gewo Blade X-Force VC Gewo Blade X-Force VC
Following successful market launch of the first GEWO Force blade a couple of years ago, the GEWO material specialists now introduce an innovative combination of state-of-the-art materials with unique ... more >>>
GEWO Force Arc Offensive GEWO Force Arc Offensive
Force ARC This component production is made with a 7 layered offensive blade. It combines the High-Tech-Materials Carbon and Aramid (ARC) with high quality,, deposited wood veneers. Carbon provides... more >>>
Gewo Hybrid Carbon A/Speed ALL+ Gewo Hybrid Carbon A/Speed ALL+
Super controlled, very light all-round blade. A xx mm Balsaschicht transmits accurately and beautifully controlled the ball-impact moment. Greater security for the entire game structure, precise pl... more >>>
Gewo Hybrid Carbon M/Speed Gewo Hybrid Carbon M/Speed
The hybrid carbon M / Speed (moderate speed) Wood combines excellent playability, thanks to the CFL technology, but especially by the highest level of controlled power combined with extremely good bal... more >>>
Gewo OF Feeling 5.5 Gewo OF Feeling 5.5
For the powerful precision game. The offensive players will appreciate the good speed results and the good feeling for the ball this Gewo OF Feeling wood. Speed 95 Control 88 Weight 7... more >>>
GEWO Polaris Control Glasfiber GEWO Polaris Control Glasfiber
Beautifully Built Blade, consisting of 7 plies, great Control, huge sweet spot, fantastic hitting power Speed 89 Control 95 Rating Allround + Thickness 5.9 mm Construction 7ply more >>>
GEWO Polaris Powerflex Carbon GEWO Polaris Powerflex Carbon
The powerful blade for precision in all game situations.More speed without any significant loss of control. Super- modern blade technology in it's purest form, perfectly matched to the needs of the pl... more >>>
Gewo Power Allround 5.0 Gewo Power Allround 5.0
A modern medium paced blade for all playing situations. Optimum ball control in the middle game play with high speed capabilities when on the offensive. A classic blade with superb feel for consist... more >>>
Gewo Power Allround Pro 4.0 Gewo Power Allround Pro 4.0
A great All-Round blade. Be convinced through its playing capabilities in match situations. Speed 85 Control 99 Weight 75g Rating Allround+ Thickness 5.7 mm Construction 3+... more >>>
Gewo Power Control 4.5 Gewo Power Control 4.5
The development target of higher speed while maintaining control has been fulfilled 100%. The 4.5 is the idol of the all-round offensive class. Provides much power with good speed and is very contr... more >>>
GEWO Velox alpha Defense GEWO Velox alpha Defense
If you combine this blade with long or short pips you can stop dangerous blocks. Due to the sharp attack you can achieve long pips the maximum interference effect and a large spin reversal is possible... more >>>

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