Xiom Omega 7 Hyper

Xiom Omega 7 Hyper

Xiom Omega 7 Hyper
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MEGA 7 HYPER - World’s First Hybrid Rubber

You might think that this is just another OMEGA 7. But OMEGA 7 HYPER is built on unique concept with outstanding performance. It’s the rubber you’ve never experienced before. The main concept of this rubber is “HONEST GAME PLAY”.

Previous rubbers with Tensor technology (super elasticity) performed strong power, but sometimes we had to play the game with too much repulsive power. Therefore, we focused on developing new rubbers with greater control aspects while maintaining the same level of power like Tensor rubbers.

1. Absolute control
When you play OMEGA 7 HYPER, the ball exactly reacts as much as you hit. This gives you absolute control near the table. OMEGA 7 HYPER hardness is 55 degrees. However, since OMEGA 7 HYPER has a Cycloid technology featuring a thin and soft top sheet, you will recognize it as less than 50 degrees which is ideal range for fine control.

2. Powerful force
Even if you’re far from the table end, you can powerfully return the ball to your opponent’s end line. Extreme sponge pore compression technology has been applied to the OMEGA 7 HYPER. This special tuning allows OMEGA 7 HYPER to firmly capture the ball as if the ball sticks to the rubber surface for a moment. And you can strongly fire it towards the other side.

OMEGA 7 HYPER, it reacts as you want.
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