Sauer and Troger Firestarter

Sauer and Troger Firestarter

Sauer and Troger  Firestarter
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"Maximum control paired with maximum cut and effet!!!"

The FIRESTARTER takes the power for attacking shots and enables you to more effect-rich attacks and a very accurate shot-game.

Because of the woods low speed, it is especially useful for players with fast pimple rubbers. In addition it is great for all the players, who had a hard time defending topspin balls.

We recommend following two playing styles/systems:

Blocking and spreading the balls close to the table

Defending far away from the table with pimples with sponge

The distinguished veneers were handpicked by Sebastian Sauer and Pascal Tröger. Since the wood was dried and stocked over extended periods of time, it keeps its playing abilities over long periods of time. After conducting many lenghty test, both designers were able to use the new CBIF adherence. The CBIF adherence makes the forehand a bit faster and the veneer adherence makes the backhand a bit slower.

Dimension of the racket: 16 cm x 15,8 cm

Veneers: 5

Weight: ca. 84g

Handle: straight


Forehand: 46
Backhand: 40
Forehand: 101 Backhand: 115

Playing system: DEF
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  • Sauer and Troger  Firestarter