LKT Blue Thunder 7Ply Wood/Glassfiber Blade

LKT Blue Thunder 7Ply Wood/Glassfiber Blade
[Blue Thunder CP]

LKT Blue Thunder 7Ply Wood/Glassfiber Blade
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LKT - Blue Thunder - Electric Blade for offensive play.
The LTK Blue Thunder is a super attack seven ply Blade This is well designed with a an perfect combination of four ply hard outer wood plies, two thin carbon glass fiber ply and a center ply of cork. The cork give rebound and dwell time, while the hard wood and carbon give the blade a fast rebound.

The Blue Thunder has the adjustable weight in the handle though the nature of the blade is all out attack and adjusting the weight will help with balance. The blade is rated offensive plus for speed.

Manufacturer Specifications

1: 7 ply construction: 4-ply wood, 2-ply glass fiber, cork core.

2: Adjustable balance in handle.

3: Adjustable balance weight.

4. ThreeFor all out Attacking style of play.

5. ITTF/USATT/CTTA Approved.

6. Weight: 86 grams +/- 3 grams.

7. Speed: 9.7/10.

8. Control: 7.5/10.

9.Thickness: 6.8mm

10. Approx. head size: W= 150mm H= 160mm
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