Gewo Blade Super-Force CF

Gewo Blade Super-Force CF
[Super-Force CF]

Gewo Blade Super-Force CF
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GEWO Super-Force CF is the perfect complement to the GEWO Force series. It is made of three wood plies (Kiri core and Koto and Acacia outer plies) as well as two carbon layers. The Carbon CF used in this blade provides for better control and dependability (Power Feedback) compared to aramid (ARC) or V-Carbon (VC). Super-Force CF is an elastic blade offering amazing control plus great speed and spin for attacking. In passive playing situations, players will enjoy the extraordinarily constant bouncing characteristics (sweet spot) of Force-Tec. The well-balanced ply composition guarantees consistent control in all playing situations. At the same time, the blade has great speed potential and enables a higher ball trajectory to meet the requirements of modern table tennis. In serve/return or blocking/countering situations, you can always rely on the unique feel and "Power Feedback" of GEWO Super-Force CF. A high-end OFF blade!
Speed 92
Control 86
Weight 85g
Rating Offensive -
Construction 5+2ply
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