Donic Bluestorm Big Slam - A Storm Brews !

Donic Bluestorm Big Slam - A Storm Brews !

Donic Bluestorm Big Slam - A Storm Brews !
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DONIC BLUESTORM - A storm brews !


A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge - generating extra power and speed.

The DONIC Bluestorm Series offers noticeably greater acceleration whilst retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics, making the latest trend.

The thinnest sponge is 1.9 mm, middle sponge thickness is 2.1 mm - and the thickest variation is called max+, because this sponge is even thicker than previous max versions.

DONIC Bluestorm Big Slam: The Sound Machine Middle pored sponge, new lighter sponge technology. 42.5° sponge, Bluestorm’s softest variation.

Bluestorm Big Slam, the fifth version completes the series. For players who like the speed glue sound of earlier days, this is the soft variation and a great alternative. The extremely thin high tension top surface rubber, in combination with a new lighter sponge technology, ensures the best-ever feel.

Feel the clap of thunder! SPEED: 9
SPIN: 10+++
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