andro Plasma 430 Speed Glue Built In

andro Plasma 430 Speed Glue Built In

andro Plasma 430 Speed Glue Built In
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by Nanda Jayasinghe
Date Added: Sunday 02 January, 2011

Plasma 430 performs extremely well with a light and offensive blade like Joola MC 1. Smashing and looping near and away from the table are quite easy with this rubber. As far as looping is concerned, it let you control the speed according to the style of your opponent. Plasma 430 makes a very loud and nice click sound, and that sound encourages you to have more and more speedy shots. This rubber also reacts very well to the changes of your arm and wrist movements creating a noticeable spin variation.

Plasma 430 is one of the best blocking rubbers. Smashes and top spin shots of your opponents can be sent back with a great degree of accuracy and speed. Since you can create side, back and top spin with this rubber, your backhand shots will be more effective. This is one of the qualities of this rubber which you can utilize to win points against pimple players. Plasma 430 will enable you to reduce the dreadful effects of pimples and return the ball with or without spin. So it will provide a high level of control for you.

You can use the spin variation this rubber offers when you serve. If you can add a good placement to this spin capacity of the rubber, you will set up yourself for winning points.

Plasma 430 will perform to its maximum capacity up to five to six months. After that period, its speed, sound and control will fade away gradually.

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