LKT Red Diamond - High Speed / High Spin - Pressure Treated Spon

LKT Red Diamond - High Speed / High Spin - Pressure Treated Spon

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Date Added: Tuesday 26 October, 2010

by Bill Brown


I played with new tenergy05 on my backhand which had been used for about 3-4 hours...looked clean but i didnt clean it to be honest. New red diamond on my FH and i constantly switched sides to see how each one went against the same spin, loop or whatever...both my son and me and another very good player i also hit with were in agreement with the conclusions made in this review, however it is based on my technique against a very regular partner who knows my game very well(lately 2-3 times a day for 20min) The results were no different with my partner who is probably a 1700 level.

my Timo Boll Spirit blade felt a lot heavier as mentioned above and RD seems to feel softer than T05...certainly doesnt come off as crisp or feel as sharp off the blade which makes me think its a bit softer although nowhere near as soft as the Big slam F3. DONT take this as meaning it is not as fast or does not posses as much spin....read on...it just feels different off the blade and im not sure which i prefer or even if that means anything to be honest. Its how it performs im interested in.

all i did was be very specific in relation to comparing an apple to an apple..i wasnt interested in general hitting and playing games....just hit me a shot and lets compare was the approach i took for this review. I am not an expert but im a 1500 player who knows whats better or worse or the same based on my technique and ability.


RD is marginally faster then T05 but you nee to study it to note the difference...seems to posses the same amount of spin....no difference really apart from being a bit faster so is very easy to swap between the 2 anytime


from close to the table - i must have hit 20 loops with T05 and 20 with RD in order to compare this point as its very important for anyone considering a T05 alternative. i was seeking speed, kick, swing and general ease of looping was my critera

i think the RD has a slightly lower throw angle for a start which took about 5 shots to adjust to thats how much difference i am talking about...T05 seems to want to go higher by maybe 4" but thats a guess...speed is marginally faster also with RD, swing through the air and spin is also MORE with RD than T05. kick off the table hmm this is really close and maybe the only area where i think perhaps, maybe, but im not sure, T05 may be superior. Having said that, i wouldnt bet a cent on it its that close and i am talking about the kick factor only ok. I could generate angles and had control AT LEAST as much if not more then T05. RD is a bit faster, bit spinnier and a bit superior as an attacking rubber for looping in my view and it may even be a bit easier to hit with the softer sponge.


There is very little difference between the 2...RD had just as good as control in all aspects and maybe a bit faster


I think the harder you hit it the more you notice RD is a faster rubber then T05 personally and from off the table i could do some amazing loops and drives that got AT LEAST as much swing and kick as T05....in fact id say its just got more power in all areas save maybe the kick...but seriously that is debatable and jordan was able to get back way more T05 shots that RD and that didnt surprise me as i thought the RD was simply getting more of everything, speed, swing, power. the kick factor, if it is a factor at all, didnt compare to the other things RD offered. it was superior from off the table again in my view which amazed me.

i didnt try smashing but think i can predict the result based on the above


I didnt give this as long a go as i had hoped as i dont chop much anymore and have never been a good chopper anyway to be honest. I thought the RD seem to fly higher that T05, the opposite to the loop angle which was lower. I had to make a similar 4" or so adjustment to keep it down but that was very easy to do. apart from that i could tell no difference as control is at least as good as T05 in every area. I have no concept of a touch shot so cant even bother to offer an opinion.

at the end of my hit i noticed the RD seemed to be more affected by the dust visually on the rubber , but this made no difference to its performance in anyway however i think i would clean it more often between matches


I am a T05 super fan and given my BH is my main attack, i need something with speed an spin and kick to win points from good players, especially from off the table. I lost a match the other night for no other reason than i didnt have T05 on my backhand and couldnt hurt the guy defending from off the table for example...this is a guy i usually kill with T05. I have also used T05 since it came out and have long experience with it and have never found anything that can take its place and was very doubtful this could even get close for AUD$16 instead of AUD$100.

In my humble opinion, Red Diamond is not only faster, its spinnier, has the same ability to control blocks and is every bit as dangerous a rubber to your opponent as tenergy05 and the 3 people i practiced it with tonight ALL AGREED. I dont know about the weight as compared to T05, but id you dont try this rubber as T05 substitute for 1/6 th of the price your mad. i think its a better rubber all round. i just wished id cleaned the T05 before i did all this or tried it when it was brand new as the RD was to make sure my results wouldnt alter. I have read where the RD gets quicker after 5 hours though so who knows.

this is based on new rubbers though ok, i dont know how long this will last for . T05 last for ages, does not fray and i get around 3 months out of it with no grief.

ill keep you posted on its progress my only problem is i have new 05 and love it and i dont really want this on my FH as my FH is not good enough for it i dont think...but then its gets so much spin i could use it on my serves :-)

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