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DHS MIX Long Pips DHS MIX Long Pips
The pimples length of Mix is above the ITTF norm of 2.0mm. Long pimps bring greater swing and rebound, intangible trajectory, making it elusive. The tough pimples don't get broken easily. As ... more >>>
DHS G555 DHS G555
Double Happiness G555 is a high elastic rubber designed for backhand. It combines the network molecule structure forged by processing new cementing agent with chemical technology and t... more >>>
DHS PF4 - Traditional Chinese Rubber DHS PF4 - Traditional Chinese Rubber
PF4 is the very traditional rubber used by Chinese fast attack and loop drive players, many China's world champions have used this rubber to reach their glory. Fitted Play: Fast at... more >>>
DHS 651 Short Pips-Out DHS 651 Short Pips-Out
The optimum racket covering for near-table attack ever was the only choice of Chinese quick-attack players. It is used by the players such as Yang Ying. Short Pips out rub... more >>>
DHS Dragonow Short Pips-Out DHS Dragonow Short Pips-Out
This rubber uses special pimple design technology, which enhance friction of the rubber. The players can perform "small top spin" skill by using this rubber. This rubber... more >>>
DHS 652 Short Pips-Out DHS 652 Short Pips-Out
Specially strengthens friction of rubber. Fitted with quick-attack sponge. The rubber can bring beat power through blade and make speed and spin. Breakthrough for new-table-attack play... more >>>
DHS C-7 Long/Medium Pips DHS C-7 Long/Medium Pips
Fitted play: Defense/Loop/Spin Characteristic: Change + Spin Although the Manufacturer and other sites call the long pips, they really should be classified as Medium pips, and play ... more >>>
DHS G888 DHS G888
The G888 adopts macromolecule material and optimizes the pimples structure. The performance of high elasticity and stickness strengthens spin and speed while strengthening power far ... more >>>
DHS C-8 Long Pips DHS C-8 Long Pips
Large long pips makes this rubber good for long pips players who like to use some aggressive shots. Ball will wobble on blocks and hits. Hitting is made a bit easier with sponge whil... more >>>
DHS Cloud & Fog 3 Long Pimples DHS Cloud & Fog 3 Long Pimples
The Attack power of this new Cloud and Fog III is much better than normal long pimples. The super long pimples can generate highly disturbing return and make the ball path unpr... more >>>
DHS G777 DHS G777
The combination of long-lasting stickiness rubber and medium springy sponge provides the style of firm but gentle. The ball runs with high spin and changeable routes. This rubb... more >>>
DHS Sharping Short Pips-Out DHS Sharping Short Pips-Out
This Rubber adopts special clear concave design on the top of the pimples which is contrary to traditional design. The special pimple strengthens friction and sensitiveness when to... more >>>
DHS Hurricane 2 DHS Hurricane 2
The new rubber specially designed for Wang Liqin, Yan sen in 2000 Olympic Games, can create much higher speed and spin than any other products while keeping stable control. In addition, it h... more >>>
DHS Hurricane 3 DHS Hurricane 3
Several players in the Chinese National Team use Hurricane III. Changed geometry of the pimples beneath the backside rubber compared to Hurricane II gives more control. For players who rely on fee... more >>>
DHS Dipper DHS Dipper
Med Sponge - 39 Degrees Sponge Dipper Speed Spin Control 9 8 11 Conventional Rubber, available Red & Black ... more >>>
DHS Dipper 2 DHS Dipper 2
Med Sponge - 39 Degrees Sponge Dipper 2 Speed Spin Control 8 9 11 Conventional Rubber, available Red & Black ... more >>>
DHS Dipper 3 DHS Dipper 3
Dipper 3 rubber is a combination of rigidity and tenacity through the adjustment of sulfuration. The inner tension force is so strong that the ball has very high speed. This rubber has... more >>>
DHS G666 DHS G666
DHS G666 Pips-In 2.2mm, Forehand of Wang Hao, No.1 player G666 is a new type of pimple-in rubber representing the loop wonderfully near table; furthermore, it works perfect on spee... more >>>
DHS Skyline TG2 DHS Skyline TG2
DHS Skyline 2 (control + spin) Skyline 2 rubber made with new technique brings fresh experience of loop with quick-attack. Colloid combined with acerbity and glutinosity has distinguished fricti... more >>>
DHS Skyline TG2 NEO - Factory Tuned DHS Skyline TG2 NEO - Factory Tuned
NEO Skyline 2 keeps the unique colloid with acerbity and glutinosity combined. The technology can create strong and strong spin by different methods. The smashing power could penetrate... more >>>

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